My name is Tina (obviously) and I am from a small town called Idrija, located in Slovenia. The town is famous for its mercury mines, lace and amazing dish called žlikrofi (which is basically some kind of ravioli with potato filling). I have been living in Ljubljana (the capital) since the end of the year 2008, where I went to secondary school and college. I am currently in the process of finishing my college thesis to become a Graphic and Media technician.

My favourite color is blue ever since I was a kid. I do have to slap myself on the wrist sometimes so that I don’t buy everything in blue.

On my blog I’ll write about my feelings, share personal experiences and opinions, etc. I’ll also write book reviews, about my ”amazing” gardening skills, maybe I’ll throw in some D.I.Y. stuff I tried already. But most of all I’ll keep it real, no bullshit and pretending just to fit in.